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Frequently Asked Questions

Your engine oil lubricates the main parts of your engine, this oil has a limited lifespan – usually a maximum of 12 months or 15,000kms.  We are have a strong focus on educating our customers on the importance of regular oil changes to ensure the longevity of their vehicle. Prevention is better than cure!

Yes! We have a high quality automotive scan tool, with access to a  comprehensive service data  & known fixes database.

We charge $55 to scan, read & report on your vehicle – this is nominal compared to a dealership!

Absolutely! We are licensed with the West Australian Department of Commerce and our Motor Vehicle Repair Business (MRB) Licence is MRB5483.

We use either genuine or genuine approved parts and our mechanic who works directly on your vehicle has over 20 years experience.

Yes! Quite often we have existing customers purchase a new car and they take up an offer from the dealership to have capped, free or fixed priced servicing – perfect if you can get a good deal! What these servicing deals don’t include is repairs such as brake pads, brake rotors, tyres and other non service wear and tear items. 

Call us for a quote (or a honest second opinion) anytime on your additional repairs required at a dealership service.

We have a fantastic sub contracted supplier who can diagnose & repair your air-conditioning issues.  We can incorporate this into your service or organise an appointment convenient for you.

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